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Vanessa Chilimanzi is a South African based- Zimbabwean fashion blogger, style and beauty influencer. Get to know her a bit better in this interview with Persuasion Inc ZW.

Your nickname?

Nessah or V.Chili, to others I am Chiliwaters – that was my basketball name in high school

Secret skill?

If sewing counts, then that’s it.

What’s your definition of beauty?

Beauty is deep self-love and being at peace and content with one’s self.

Your friends would describe you as?

I’m not sure but I think they would say I am a passionate go-getter.

Besides blogging what else do you do?

I have a full time 9-5, I am also a part time student and one could swear I live in the gym lol.

Any Instagram tips for influencers who want to grow their brand?

I would say, planning your posts and analyzing your stats will give you an idea of what your audience likes and the best times to put up your posts.

One crucial thing that I think influencers take for granted is responding to their followers’ comments. If you don’t make the people that believe in your brand feel valuable you might as well forget about growth.

Building your brand as an influencer is like running any other business. How you treat your clients is a reflection of how you run your business.

Which emoji do you overuse? 

The rolling laughing smiley but I think I use the acronym “lmao” way more than any emoji.

What’s the best part about being a blogger? 

The simple fact that I am doing what I love is the best part.

What is your fashion guilty pleasure? 

Handbags. I can never have enough handbags but I have one or two that I constantly use, it’s quite embarrassing.

How does your style philosophy differ from other bloggers? 

I have tried to keep my style philosophy different from the rest by being authentically and aesthetically myself. I embrace all aspects that make up Vanessa and I let them all shine through my content be it on my blog or social media.
How do you plan your outfits?

For photoshoots and work, I plan my outfits on Pages (a Mac version of Microsoft word). Planning my outfits is kind of a full time job, lol.


What are your thoughts on the rise of social media?

As an influencer I definitely embrace the rise of social media. It has opened doors for us to share our work with millions of people around the globe and making it easier for us to work with international brands; as well as form relations with other bloggers from different countries.

Any last words? 

Hmm, this is always the hardest part of any interview. I don’t know what to say, lmao. I would like to just encourage someone else who might be contemplating on starting something they feel strongly about to definitely pursue it. These days everyone turns to being an entrepreneur not knowing that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Always do that which you feel a strong love and passion for. One should never feel discouraged by any circumstances in their life because if you really have a passion for something you can always find a way.



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